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We are committed to delivering the highest standard of care, support, and maintenance for all your home healthcare needs. We understand the importance of reliable and functional medical equipment in improving the quality of life for individuals with various healthcare requirements.

Our team consists of experienced professionals, including technicians, specialists, and healthcare advisors. They are well-trained and knowledgeable about a wide range of medical equipment, from mobility aids to respiratory devices.

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the longevity and performance of your home medical equipment. Our service center offers preventive maintenance and repair services to keep your devices in optimal working condition. We adhere to stringent quality standards to provide you with safe and reliable medical equipment. Our commitment to quality ensures your peace of mind in using our products.

We aim to make your experience as convenient as possible. Our service center is easily accessible, and we offer various channels for support, including in-person consultations, phone support, and online resources.

Meshwar is a specialized transportation solutions created to address the mobility and transportation needs of individuals with disabilities. These services play a crucial role in enhancing the quality of life and independence of people with disabilities by offering them accessible and reliable transportation options.

Our services prioritize accessibility, offering vehicles equipped with ramps, wheelchair lifts, and other assistive devices to ensure that passengers with mobility challenges can board and alight easily. Safety is paramount. Drivers are trained to provide support and assistance to passengers with disabilities, including securing wheelchairs and ensuring passengers are comfortable during transit. Meshwar often offer door-to-door or curb-to-curb service, ensuring that passengers are picked up and dropped off at their specific locations, eliminating the need for strenuous or unsafe transfers.

Our fleet typically includes a range of specialized vehicles, such as wheelchair-accessible vans, stretcher transport vehicles, and other customized options to accommodate various disabilities and medical needs. : Drivers and support staff receive specialized training in disability awareness and customer service, ensuring that passengers are treated with dignity and respect.

Our services generally allow for advance booking, catering to regular transportation needs, such as medical appointments or daily commuting. Pricing structures are often designed to be reasonable and competitive. Many services offer discounts or subsidies for passengers with disabilities, making transportation accessible to a wider range of individuals. We comply with relevant accessibility laws and regulations, such as the Kuwait Disability Act in Kuwait, ensuring that passengers’ rights are protected. We also offer a range of customer support services, including assistance with booking, answering questions, and addressing any concerns passengers may have. We offer flexibility in terms of scheduling, accommodating both one-time trips and recurring transportation needs.



We understand that healthcare is not one-size-fits-all. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing tailored medical equipment solutions to meet your unique needs. Your health, comfort, and peace of mind are our top priorities. Let us customize your path to better living.

Our customized equipment is designed to assist individuals with medical conditions, injuries, or disabilities, enabling them to maintain or improve their quality of life and independence.

The primary goal of customized home medical equipment is to empower individuals to manage their healthcare needs while enhancing their comfort and mobility within their home environment. This personalized approach leads to better health outcomes and a higher quality of life for those with specific medical requirements.

Our solutions include:

Comprehensive seating assessment services: We evaluate the specific needs, preferences, and physical condition of each patient.

Wheelchair selection: We offer a wide range of wheelchairs tailored to individual requirements.

Customized seating and positioning: Ensuring optimal comfort and support.

Frame modifications: Tailoring the frame to fit the user perfectly.

Specialized controls and accessories: Enhancing functionality and ease of use.

Color and aesthetics: Personalizing the look of the equipment.

Transportation considerations: Making it easier to transport the equipment.

Follow-up and adjustments: Ensuring continuous comfort and proper fit.

Emergency and repair services: Providing quick and reliable support when needed.

Our comprehensive solutions ensure that individuals with disabilities have access to mobility devices that meet their specific needs, enhancing their comfort, independence, and overall quality of life. This approach relies on close collaboration between HME professionals, healthcare providers, and patients to create tailored mobility solutions.

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