“Life is a journey and not a destination. A goal is only a milestone and with the achievement of each goal we will set another more challenging one. It is a quest for continuous improvement and the root cause for any undesirable outcome must be identified and removed. How we can do more with less, and what we can do to take out inefficiencies in our thoughts and actions. We are responsible for the outcome. We shall be a disciplined people engaging in disciplined thought and action”

Mrs. Sunita Mariam Mathew

Message from the Director

Welcome to the Alessa Med website.

It is our intent to provide you, our valuable customers, with the right solutions to your health needs. We do this by listening to you, understanding your concerns and identifying the correct products or services that are appropriate for you. Our therapists, health advisors and engineers together are trained to serve you efficiently.

Through our various departments, retail showrooms and e-commerce platform we hope to showcase our offering and our strengths to give you comfort that we are serious and committed to you, whether you are a customer or a partner. We are open to new ideas and suggestions for improvement and so we wholeheartedly welcome your feedback and support. Please browse through our website and use our contact information when you need to reach us.


In November 1997, the medical division of Ms. Abdul Aziz Yousuf Al Essa & Co WLL, a company established in July 1977, was reorganized and renamed “Al Essa Medical & Scientific Equipment Co WLL.” At the time of reorganization, the company had an initial paid-up capital of KD 1 million.

In 2021, Al Essa Medical & Scientific Equipment Co. w.l.l. underwent further restructuring, resulting in the formation of two distinct entities:

Al Essa Medical& Scientific Equipment Co. w.l.l.: This company continued to focus on the core business of medical equipment.

AlessaMed: This newly formed company specialized in home medical equipment, physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipment, and rehabilitation services.

Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision- Alessa Med will enable “Societal Change” and “Independence” of people who are distanced socially due to a medical illness or disability.

Our Mission- To become the trusted leaders in the Medical Industry by building a network that connects people having medical conditions with healthcare products and services to enable them to reclaim their health and dignity.

Our Values- Listen Deeply, Push Boundaries, Reflect Daily.

Our People

At our core, we believe that people are our most valuable asset. Our mission is to nurture and empower individuals, fostering critical thinking and leaders who drive growth and innovation.  Building on our foundation of “A Commitment to Excellence”, in our products and services, we strive to continually improve our people and processes. This dual focus ensures we are continually adding value to all our stakeholders.

We are expanding our team annually, continually seeking both fresh talent and seasoned professionals across various domains. We welcome individuals who have confidence in their abilities and a passion for making a meaningful impact within our organization and the community at large. We seek those who relentlessly pursue excellence in everything they do.  Our commitment is to create an environment where everyone can thrive, grow, and contribute to a collective genius and a shared success.

Guiding Principles of Alessa Med Co.



We welcome diversity and are always open and empathic towards different views

We’re clear and simple; we’re not vague and we never hide

We’re passoinate and learn at every opportunity

We achieve maximum results with minimum resources

Customer Focussed
Never complacent, we focus on customer pain points, competitive benchmarking and staying ahead.


We energize both ourselves and others and always work as a team

Commit & Target
We’re accountable and strive to reach our potential

We deliver results

We’re aware and we assess constantly how well we’re doing

We push ourselves daily, aiming to make a positive impact and drive progress across the company